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  • Old Money, Old Secrets by Kyle Cornelius


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    Slowly rising from the Mississippi River flood lands, one family’s blood-stained secret sets the stage for a compelling tale of corruption, love, bribery, murder, and international deception. After the mysterious death of his boss and mentor, Cliff Carver unknowingly embarks on a hunt for the truth, but soon finds himself involved in a cover-up dating back to the Civil War. Traversing a maze of Southern society, Carver encounters henchmen, secret agents, politely murderous politicians, and an extraordinarily beautiful, yet mysterious, woman. Weaving past and present together, Cornelius unveils a narrative wrought with tenderness, humor, and utter terror — and a conspiracy that could change the course of American history. Old Money, Old Secrets is a story of epic proportions, bringing to light the incredible capacity for human secrecy… and one man’s determination to reexamine all that we think we know.

    Paperback • 204 pages • ISBN: 978-1936946310 • $17.63

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