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  • Ole Miss Business: The First 100 Years



    Ole Miss Business: The First 100 Years, a 200-page illustrated history of the school, takes the reader on a century-long journey from the inaugural 1917 semester of the School of Commerce, led by James Warsaw Bell (its first dean) through the spirited leadership of Ken Cyree, the school’s current (and eleventh) dean.
    “This book, surprisingly, has it all — scandal, political intrigue, personality conflicts, and private meetings and letters that have never been made public. As if that weren’t enough, graduates of this program have changed not only the way we do business, but also how we live.”
    Neil White, Creative Director & Publisher
     Nautilus Publishing
    Hardback •  10×10 • 200 pages •  ISBN: 978-1-936946-75-4

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