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    Nautilus Publishing’s President, Neil White (an award-winning author and publisher) leads a series of two-day, how-to workshops on “Write and Publish Your Book.”

    The seminars are held quarterly. For upcoming workshops, visit neilwhiteworkshop.com.


    Day One — Write Your Book — covers:

    The Art & Craft of Creative Writing, Finding Your Voice, Process v. Outcome , Creating Vivid Scenes, Dialog, Action, Description, Showing v. Telling, Plot, Rising Action, Opening Lines, Titles, The Writing Life , Fiction or Nonfiction?, Research, Interview Skills , First Person or Third (or even Second)? , Story Edits v. Copy Edits , Writing Exercises, Editors, Ghostwriters, Conferences & Workshops, Resource Directory. Participants will leave with writing guides, samples and exercises.


    Day Two — Publish Your Book — covers:

    The Book Business Basics, The Benefits of Publishing a Book, Why Write a Book?, How Revenue is Divided, Author Royalties, Distribution Options, Agents (a top agent will Skype or call into the session), Pitching Your Book, Selling Your Book to a Publisher, The Big Five Publishers, Small & Regional Presses, University Presses, Vanity Presses, Publicity & Press Kits (samples), Book Trailers, Websites & Social, Media, Covers & Titles, Self Publishing, Step-by-Step Checklist, eBooks , Dealing with Amazon.com, Copyrights, Libel & Slander. Participants will leave with a resource guide, as well as the book proposal for In the Sanctuary of Outcasts.



     “As a seasoned attendee of conferences and seminars – lawyers have to attend them frequently – it is said if one can come away with a few kernels of wisdom the conference was well worth the price. I cannot say the same for the writer’s workshop you recently sponsored in Gulfport. I did not bring home kernels. What I did manage to receive was bushels of kernels. This is one of the best seminars I have ever attended. Not a moment was wasted. The written materials were excellent. The panel discussions provided meaningful insight. Audience questions addressed pertinent issues.”

    2015 attendee


    “Very few in the publishing world are as candid and honest about the book industry.”

    Julie Schoerke, Book Publicist

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