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    JKS Communications is a full-service literary publicity firm that represents some of the finest authors and books around the world. It is our distinct honor to have a strong partnership with one of the finest publishers in the United States, Nautilus Our team consists of professionals who specialize in media relations, new-model book tours, social networking, online visibility, book trailer production and website development specifically for the book publishing industry.

    You have spent months, maybe years, alone, honing your craft, writing your book, and now it’s time to put your “baby” out into the world. It can be lonely, scary and frustrating. When you join the JKS Communications family, you aren’t alone anymore. We’re your advocate and help you navigate this crazy world of book publishing and book promotion.

    We really get to know you and embrace your goals as our own. With more than 15 years of publicity experience, JKS can help you make educated choices and develop realistic expectations for what is possible for you and your book.

    An author may have already hit The New York Times bestseller list, or is already a celebrity, and another author may have written his or her first novel, business book, young adult novel or picture book when we meet. Wherever you are in your journey, we will join you and together we’ll work hard and smart to help you get to the next level.

    We work with clients who share a commitment to integrity.

    It is in our nature to be fiscally responsible. We treat your budget as we would our own to keep a tight rein on expenses.

    Our business model takes into account the lifestyle and comfort level of authors to promote books in a way that works best for them so that they will enjoy the experience, be more relaxed and spend more time on making their book a success. We go so far as to ask authors to take a special personality test to determine their strengths for book promotion. We help build the platform for and promote books and authors in ways that are time consuming and impossible for authors to do themselves.

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