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  • A Waffle Can Change the World


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    by Gaines Sturdivant II & Gaines Sturdivant III; illustrated by Art MaWhinney

    A Waffle Can Change the World is a true story directly inspired by a contagious kindness and love felt first-hand by a father and son at their local Waffle House restaurant. Through the lens of an observant six-year-old, you come to know the deeper impact of the regular visits, and in particular, the angelic touch of two specific associates: Terrie and Dawn. It is their example that ultimately leads to the idea of cementing the heart-touching encounters into a children’s picture book with aim to inspire others. The waffle quickly becomes identified as the impetus, and through the passing along of Terrie and Dawn’s kindest gestures, it becomes apparent that one can truly have a changing impact on the world through selfless acts. Beyond human enrichment and themes of universal love, kindness, diversity, and inclusion, the book also has philanthropic legs to raise charitable funds and further affect communities on the ground level. Net profits from the sale of the book will benefit the “A Waffle Can Change the World Fund” which honors associates of Waffle House #473 by supporting non-profit organizations engaged in youth enrichment services and education on a local and national level in an effort to positively impact future generations.

    $9.95: 32 pages
    ISBN: 978-1-949455-27-4

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