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  • Sandpiper: My Journey With Sight and Blindness by Karen Brown


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    In her mid-twenties, Karen Brown received life-altering news: she had a condition which was slowly robbing her of her sight and would leave her totally blind by the age of 30. Over the next decades, she would raise a son, work with 3 guide dogs, build an impressive career, retire, and follow God’s call into spiritual guidance training. Sandpiper tells the story of Karen’s journey from sight to blindness, as well as her childhood and college years, her marriage in Germany and the year abroad that followed, and her move back to the States. Sandpiper is an inspiring story of love, loss, renewal of joy, and the unfailing grace of God, even in the darkest places.

    Paperback • 121 pages • ISBN: 978-1-936946-84-6 • $16.99

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