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  • This Side of the River by Jeffrey Stayton


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    Told from multiple narrators, this gritty tale takes place in the summer of 1865 after the collapse of the Confederacy. A contingent of young Civil War widows who have survived General Sherman’s March to the Sea rally around a teenage, Christ-haunted Texas Ranger named Cat Harvey and travel to Ohio to burn down Sherman’s home. This compelling tale explores themes of trauma, revenge, redemption, and the disorder known then as “nostalgia” or “soldier’s heart.” Author Corey Mesler proclaimed This Side of the River yarn-spinning of the highest order. Stayton’s narrative, which gives Confederate soldier’s body servants a voice that few Civil War stories do, will burn bright long after you’ve put the book down.

    Hardcover or Paperback • 240 pages • ISBN: 978-1936946389 • $24.95

    Also available as an audiobook at audible.com.

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